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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 3, 2015 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight. ten minutes of terror. the stories of survival from the oregon college shooting that gunman. just who was that heroic army veteran who helped bring him down? >> he actually ran back toward the building where the shooting was in. >> a heated debate over gun control and calls for action as authorities uncover his arsenal and families mourn the victims. plus they share every detail of their lives online. >> first day of school pictures. >> their kids growing up with cameras rolling. now, it's paying off big time. tonight, how youtube's first
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family is making millions. why they say you could do it too. >> and see spot surf. here in california the ocean has gone to the dogs. >> what's not to love about dogs and going to the beach. we were there as they take on a surf competition unlike any other. but first, the "nightline" five. >> it takes a lot of work to run this business the i really love it. i am on the move all day long. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the new frigs new -- nutrition i am missing. >> boost has 26 vitamins, minerals, calcium, vitamin d, and ten grams of protein to maintain muscle with great taste. >> i don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. >> stay strong.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. it was over in a matter of minutes. but tonight gut wrenching survivor stories emerging from deadly attack at the college in oregon. including an heroic army vet. now renewed debate over gun control as authorities uncover the shooter's arsenal, searching for clues about a motive. here's abc's matt gutman. >> we heard a really loud pop next door. >> reporter: she was in writing class when a blast of gunfire from the next room sent panicked students rushing to the exits. >> a barrage of shots were fired. one after the other. we started running for our lives. >> the active shooter, ucc. >> 10 minutes of terror and rampage that seemed to last an eternity. nine killed.
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it began just after 10:30 a.m. thursday morning at umpqua community college in rural or oregon. >> kept hearing screaming. i look out the window. i see people running from the scene. that's when i knew we need to get out. >> reporter: some running for their lives. and 2,000 others sheltering in place. >> located next to the library. there are 35 people in the hall piled in the campus center is on lockdown. >> being locked in there, not knowing if my friend were okay. i of course was crying my eyes out. >> the ordeal ending only with the suspect shot dead by police. >> we have got multiple gunshot wound. we are going to need multiple ambulances. >> reporter: new details on the shooter's arsenal, the victims and incredible stories of heroism and survival. how complicated a scene was it when your officers arrived? >> it was very chaotic. we had a lot of students that
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were running from the building. we had rooms that were in lockdown. it was very chaotic scene. we had two, in my mind, two heroic police officers that got there first. they engaged the suspect. it resulted in an exchange of gunfire and they neutralized the threat. from that point on there were no more lives taken. >> reporter: they saved lives, the two? >> in my mind. i'm convince they'd probably saved dozens of lives yes. >> reporter: shell casings littered everywhere. the spray of bullets confined to a writing class at snyder hall where chris smitz one of hannah's classmates took charge when the shooting began. >> he ran to the library, he pulled all the alarms. he was telling people to run. grabbing people telling them, you just have to go. >> reporter: the army vet and father jumped into action, sprinting right into the shoot sg.
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>> he ran back into the building where the shooting was. he ran back in. he charged the shooter taking seven bullets. this image showing him as he arrived at a local hospital. his tamly ly family in north carolina recounting the or deal. >> blocked the door to keep the gunman from coming in. gets shot three times. hits the floor. gets shot two more times. >> reporter: both of his legs were shattered. he will have to learn to walk again. >> reporter: in a conversation mintz said i just hope everyone else its okay. i just worried about everyone else. those caring for him at the scene heard him worried about some one in particular, sharon, studying to be a nurse was right there. >> chris was screaming it's my son's birthday. it's my son's birthday. come on. come on. then you hear rapid fire again. he shot chris. >> reporter: the shooter, chris harper mercer, a student at the college his life the focus of a massive investigation.
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before he was an alleged mass murderer, a failed soldier, lasting a month in basic training in 2008 according to the military. discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards. today, the atf finding mercer carried six guns on to the campus and owned seven more. a flak jacket and extra ammunition also found at the scene. >> the whole idea with the body armor is two things. one it goes along with the whole war mentality. me against them. and it also does give them a certain level of protection with the presumption they're probably going to get in a shootout with police. >> reporter: mercer lived with his mother in this apartment just two miles from the school. an officer could be seen questioning her outside. sources tell abc news, he gave papers and a computer thumb drive to someone on campus before the shooting. loaded with what is described as hate-filled writings. his online history indicates he was also fascinated with other mass shooters. saying, seems like the more
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are in the limelight. >> if he is making comments about previous mass shooters it's that he wants to join the club the he wants to be special. he wants to be recognized. >> reporter: the sheriff's office also confirming to us tonight it is investigating whether the attack was religiously mow vat ed religiously motivated. mercer asked victims about their religion before firing. one thing is certain. yesterday's tragedy is the 45th school shooting in the u.s. just this year. and it is renewing the debate about gun control. >> somehow this has become routine. we have become numb to this. >> reporter: an emotional appeal from president obama yesterday, it was the 11th time he has spoken after a mass shooting. president obama spoke very strongly yesterday about guns specifically saying there has to be more gun control. if he were to come here to roseburg, would you welcome him? >> our focus here is on the
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investigation. and even more so on the victims and the families of the victims. and now is not the time to have the conversation about whether or not we think gun control is appropriate or not. >> the fact is 32 of us are shot and killed every single day in the country. if you follow the logic there will never be a time to have the conversation. >> reporter: he survived the virginia tech massacre, shot four times. >> people tell me god was looking out for me that day. that's why i am herement i just got lucky. >> reporter: a documentary, called living for 32. chronicles his journey of becoming one of the most vocal advocates for gun reform. >> it is tough to see the things continue to happen and see nothing done about it. >> reporter: today, president obama renewing his call for action, urging lawmakers to take measures to curb gun violence. >> the majority of the american people think it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: republicans hoping to replace the president in the white house also weighing in saying stricter gun laws are not the answer.
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>> this isn't guns. this as it but really mental illness. >> look, stuff happens. there is always a crisis. the impulse is always to do something. it's not necessarily the right thing to do. amazing grace >> reporter: at the political debate rages, the country is united against the community of roseberg oregon. the victims and the families. this photo of chris mintz posted hours ago on a gofundme web page raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, one of the most successful in the site's history. >> my teacher and chris worth he rez he -- heroes today. the ones who are truly courageous and saved everyone's lives. without them i don't know what would have happened. >> i'm matt gutman in roseburg, oregon. >> we're online with the latest on this story, 24/7 and "good morning america" will have much more in the morning.
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back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the family you are about to meet was living on foot stamps when they posted their first video on youtube. now they're millionaires. they see every part of their day as potential viral gold. and they're happy to give you the insider's look at how to strike it rich online.
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our "nightline" series "social stars." >> reporter: it is a big night for the butler family. >> are we ready for the streaming? >> reporter: on the way to the streamy awards in los angeles. the oscars for online video. in the world of youtube fame this family is a big deal. youtube royalty. their channel, the shaytards has more than 3.5 million subscribers. their videos almost 2 billion views. >> first day of school pictures. >> reporter: what started as a gimmick. a father filming his family's daily life has turned the family into a mega brand. the butlers are millionaires just from pressing record. >> the ultimate answer to why do people watch your videos is because inside, i think people want a happy family. that is a longing for a lot of people. i think that's why people watch to get hope that they can have that. >> reporter: now they have endorsement deals with household
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names like band-aid. i'm stuck on a band-aid brand because a band-aid is stuck on me >> reporter: and target. >> we made a quick target run. they had everything for the project. >> reporter: their promotional power reaching celebrities like matt damon. >> maiden voging moment. >> the voyage. >> shay karld is one carl is owner of maker studios, bought for $500 million by abc's pattern company, disney. the on camera action ranges from extremely mundane to the extremely personal. >> hey, buddy. >> as we realize we could actually make a living doing this, like it changed everything for us. we know what it's lack to not be able to pay your bills. >> reporter: eight years ago shay carl butler and his family were living on foot stamps. when he posted a video of himself prancing around in his
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>> he is giving us his dance routine. >> everything changed. >> if you look you, can see august 16, 2007. >> i did have a lot of jobs. i did, you know the gamut. so when we first started at you tube. i got this small audience. our first check from google was for $300. i was like, that's groceries. that's a big thing of groceries. you know. i'm look if i can make $300. what if i can make $1,000 a month. my goal was to make $1,000 a month on youtube. off to pay for groceries, and our house. yeah, we did it. now we are millionaires. you can do it too. >> now there are thousand of channels devoted to parents documenting their daily lives. from babies at the water park. >> yea! and doctors appointments. family vlogging is a huge new
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people getting in on this. it's not just something they do in their spare time. it's actually becoming a career. >> so we are going to show you our daily commute to our job. >> reporter: they raise their family here in the fields of idaho where shay grew up. >> hey, crew. >> reporter: they invited us in for an exclusive tour. >> we are here in the studio. yeah, we have aed cast pod cast. a live show. >> one thing about youtube, just doing this in our garage. welcome to the wkkg -- wtkgts. >> when the kids go to sleep. we shoot while they're at school. welcome to here in the mountains of idaho. episode 139 of when the kids go to sleep. >> i did her makeup before, did i blend it.
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wipe. >> and -- >> scene. >> and cut. >> reporter: their five kids, suntard, princesstard, babytard, rocktard and brotard have grown up on you tube. emmy has never known life without cameras rolling. today they're celebrating emmy's eighth birthday. >> happy birthday, dear emmy. >> reporter: and shay carl has the the camera ready to vlog. >> ah! >> mommy! >> julie -- >> happy birthday! >> so what do you think about being on youtube every single day. what is that like? >> i don't really know what -- what. i don't really know what answer. i am speechless when people ask
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>> do you ever think gosh enough of this camera already. get the camera out of my face? >> no. unless it is every freaking second of my life? >> not really. >> i don't want to feel like i forced them into the stardom. and wait a minute, dad. i guess we have in a sense. listen, if your dad is a farmer, you got to get up at 6:00 a.m. and milk the cows. if you are my kid. you got to be cute on camera. >> do you ever have personal conversations, just the two of you, will there be a negative impact? >> we have had that conversation a lot. >> a daily conversation. >> it is. we want it to be a positive thing for our kids. you see it, in hollywood all the time, kids that are child stars they grow up to be hey mess. i just really want to try to not have that happen to our, our kids. >> reporter: that's why even with all the fame and countless clicks, the butlers say they have no hollywood aspirations. >> is part of the reason you are not so wanting to be on tv is
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total control. >> yeah, we say what kind of content we make. we want to represent ourselves for who we are. that's what the appeal of this is. this is the real reality tv. this is really our life. >> reporter: for "nightline," ab abbie boudreau in los angeles. >> doggy domination at this california beach where pet owners are training for a cute competition. why they say surfing helps their pups. >> announcer: abc news
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if you are watching at home tonight with fido and all he knows how to do is sit and fetch. you might want to shield those puppy dog eyes. we're about to bring you to a canine surf competition where animal athletes put the rest of us to shame. your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, surfing has gone to the dogs. what's not to love about a dog surfing, what's not to love about dogs being at the beach. in huntington beach, canine competitors, catch waves, shred and wipe out. in the annual surf city surf dog competition.
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water-loving westy joey caught wave after wave. joe gee y has been surfing five years now. we were at a beech, and he helped himself to a stranger's surfboard. we knew that was joey's sport. >> reporter: 64 dogs competed in seven categories, judged on style, confidence and duration of ride. the boxer took first place in the extra large division. proceed go to animal charities. but bragging rights go to the top dogs of all sizes. >> you know, it is a really, really cool bond sxg peer ing experience out in the world with her. >> reporter: they're human sized board, soft tops, doggy surf lessons are available too. >> i found it is a great tool to help build self-confidence and agility. after a while not getting them into the water that is a problem. it's to get them to come back out they're having so much fun. >> hang ten. i mean hang 20, pups.
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about this, abc news digital short at thank you for joining us. good night, america. have a great weekend. >> announcer: every day more americans choose abc news, america's number one news source. >> male announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the wen healthy hair care system, brought to you by guthy renker. >> female announcer: what's got these crowds of people so excited? it's the hottest trend in hair that started in hollywood and has spread all around the world. wen hair care. millions of people are throwing
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